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A few months ago I was asked by the FT Magazine in London to head over the hill to San Francisco to photograph John Stumpf – the CEO of Wells Fargo. Now I have shot with everyone from fashion models to A-list celebs but I can honestly say I have never worked with a CEO that knows how to come in, sit for pictures and get the job done quite like this. I suppose in an industry where time is money this kind of skill is very valuable.

My assistant and I arrived at the Wells Fargo headquarters in San Francisco over an hour beforehand. I was told I would have 15-20 minutes to shoot which in real life means 5-10. We had set up and lit one shot which I knew would work really well but also looked out for other options. The sun was moving around the buildings surrounding us so there was no guarantee we would get any kind of direct light.

When John came in he was very nice, impeccably put together and incredibly cooperative. He trusts those around him and he gives everything he has during the time you are allotted. As I snapped the last of the frames I figured I would be allowed in my pre-lit location my assistant told me the sun was just coming around a building and we had a tiny sliver to work with if we had time. So of course the inevitable question of  “can I have a few more frames?” comes. A glance to John and several glances to the various other people in the room and it seems we had another minute. And by minute they mean one minute.

So we move briskly to the outside balcony which was in the middle of a refurb, moved some random building materials, dusted off a railing and shot as many frames as we could before the minute was up and John was moved on to his next appointment of the day. I had left my studio in Reno at 3:00 AM to make sure I didn’t get stuck in the snow that had fallen the night before,  spent over an hour getting set up and by 9:00 AM I was headed home. I love that kind of day.

You can read the article here – Wells Fargo chief’s rise to the top


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For the last 5-6 years I have tried to do my best to use the skills I have to help the community that I live in. I have worked with the Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows, JDRF and Junior Achievement among a few others and last year I was invited to work with the Nevada Humane Society. I have always been a fan of getting a pet from shelters and there are several amazing shelters around the Truckee Meadows area and the Human Society is definitely one of them.

As my wife will attest to I am an absolute sap when it comes to animals. I can’t even hear the words Marlie & Me without tearing up and if you have ever seen Hachi: A Dog’s Tale you will know what I mean. My work with the Nevada Humane Society led me to some amazing stories of companionship, unexpected friendship and heart warming stories. These are a couple that really touched me.


Bwaney & Monkey Man


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Once again, myself, Steven Aramini from Bauserman Group and David Taylor from the Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows got together and worked on the clubs annual stills campaign and video. It’s always a pleasure with these guys.

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One of the perks of working for an amazing modern art museum is the fact you get to meet amazing artists. In the past I’ve had the pleasure of working with artists such as Edward Burtynsky, Leo Villareal and Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison. A few weeks ago I was able to document Franklin Evan’s installation of his exhibition time paths at the Nevada Museum of Art. Franklin graduated from Bishop Manogue High School in Reno but went on to live and work in New York. The exhibition took over a week to install and was an amazing process to witness. You can see an interview with him here at The Brooklyn Rail Magazine with some of the images we did.

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I have been involved with Project GO! for a few years now helping as much as I can with whatever I can. Only this year have I been able to go on one of the river trips they do and understand more about the project. This was my takeaway from the day but you can find out more about the project and how to help here at their website www.projectgo.org

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I had an awesome opportunity to head over to San Francisco last month to work with design legend Yves Béhar for the design issue of the FT Magazine in London.  Aside from his work with Herman Miler, Prada and countless other brands, his industrial design and brand management firm Fuseproject has quite possibly one of the most awesome headquarters I have ever seen. 3 story barn door entrance, stained concrete floors, 1700sf gallery space and that’s just the visitor area. Awesome.

Special thanks to Aisha Zia for bringing me in on this one and congrats for becoming a permanent fixture to the FT team!

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After a bit of nervousness and a lot of surprise, I was very very excited to find out a couple weeks ago that I had been chosen as one of the Directors to be included in SHOOT Magazine’s 11th Annual New Directors Showcase. After being encouraged by my good friend and colleague Marc Nannini to enter the competition I was truly shocked to be included in a list of such accomplished work!

You can see the entire list of Directors here .

BIG thank you you to SHOOT Magazine for this exciting opportunity.

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Once again I got to work with the awesome team over at Noble Studios and Tahoe South on their winter marketing campaign. We had a very hectic schedule trying to squeeze in skiing, snow boarding, shopping, snowshoeing, sleigh riding and a few other winter activities – all before we lost our snow! Luckily we managed to not only keep the snow but get a gorgeous 8″ of powder the night before we did our main ski day at Sierra at Tahoe resort. And while I will never complain about getting to work outside on a beautiful clear day with fresh snow and clean air, due to the crazy schedule I didn’t even get to do any skiing.

We won’t release the winter video until next season but in the meantime here’s a sample…

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As is usual for this time of year we recently held the AAF Reno ADDY awards ceremony. And like last year I managed to get another Gold ADDY with the Boys and Girls Club for their 2012 marketing video as well the TV spots I did for the Discovery Museum. And to top it off, the summer campaign video I did for Tahoe South also brought home a silver ADDY.

Many thanks to all the clients who gave me the opportunity to be part of your teams last year. Looking forward to more creative work this year!

Boys and Girls Club


Discovery Museum – 1


Discovery Museum – 2


Tahoe South

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As the lucky recipient of the 2011 ADDY Awards Best of Show, I was given the opportunity to work on the 2012 ADDY Awards ad campaign. The theme this year was Hollywood  so we decided to take some of our local creatives and pair them with their Hollywood alter egos. Thanks to some patient talent, creative costume shopping and an amazing make-up artist we managed to create some great images and have a real laugh as we went along.

Extra special thanks to Nikki Becker for her above and beyond work on the hair and make up on this shoot.




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